Hello New Year!

I hope everyone is fabulous and enjoying the fresh beginning of 2018!

My year has already started off in the fast lane as I have been
playing new writers rounds, lots of shows in Tennessee and
Kentucky, my parents visiting Nashville and had the honor of
attending the Alberta Country Music Awards in Red Deer Canada while also squeezing in a quick trip to the beautiful Mountains in Banff.

I am so grateful for all these opportunities and what being in the fast lane has taught me is learning how to slow down and pull over to the slow lane now and then to give myself some self love and peace in order to be able to fully give to my creative side and music. I’m telling ya, catching on to this new balance is only going to mean great things for this year!

My parents visited Nashville for a week in January and it was so awesome for them to see the new apartment and add a little decor here and there. No matter how old you get, mama will always add a homey touch.  We took them to Pinewood Social here in Nashville for dinner which was a great experience! If you haven’t been yet make sure to add it on to your to do list for your next trip… They’ve got a beautiful bar in the middle of the room where they make specialty cocktails, a barista style coffee shop in one of the corners, bocce ball in the back yard, a pool and indoor bowling lanes. It just equals a great time!

I was in Alberta for less than 24hrs when I jumped on stage at
Shotz Lounge in Spruce Grove on Jan 26th for an all ages SOLD OUT show with my fab guitar player Cody Yost! Thank you to everyone who made it out. It was so great to see the kiddos singing and dancing along!

Cody and I at the show

Now the ACMAs were AWESOME! It was my first trip up for the awards weekend and I am so thankful I went. Met a lot of amazing talent up in that neck of the woods and made lasting friendships. I also had the honor of getting to jump up on stage with my friend Lynn Tessari to sing our song “Chasing the Ace” during the songwriting showcase.

Lynn and I at the ACMAs

The next day I got dressed up in my brand new black pant suit, strapped on my sparkly pumps and had a blast at the awards gala.

After networking and hanging out with everyone in Red Deer it
was off on to another #adventuresofmemily roadtrip to Calgary where I got to take in an awesome class at my besties new fitness studio Crush Camp.

Mandy and Emily
Emily and I after Crush Camp session

I am so proud of Emily and all the hard work she put in to her dream facility! I encourage everyone in the Calgary area to stop by and try out her state of the art workout. I felt so recharged after the hour!

We also decided to take a quick trip out to the beautiful Lake
Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We skated on the frozen lake, had a hot coffee and admired the beautiful mountains

Snow Bunnies!

(they were a little clouded over at Lake Louise but beautiful when we drove through Canmore so I’ll attach some of those photos as well)

I’m really looking forward to February and keeping you guys
posted on all these adventures as they unfold
Keep smiling!

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The New Year in a Nutshell:

2017…. where do I start?

The past year was filled with its fair shares of ups and downs. And just to be a little deep for one minute, I always find that when the New Year comes around people are so ready to get the previous year over and done with and mention all the negatives that happened and then magically the new year is upon us and people are so anxious as if “this is the year that everything will work out”. It’s kind of like in December we get this chance to look back and tally up all the goals that didn’t happen and the wacky stuff that went on just to wish better hope for the next 365 days.

Now I am not typing this to sound like a negative Nancy so here’s my take on it: There are going to be great times, there are going to be hard times … there are 365 days to open our eyes and go at those goals again. Don’t look back and feel like you need to forget a whole year or just “be done with it”. Instead embrace all that those 12 months taught you. Realize that you are 365 days stronger, wiser, tougher than you were on Jan 1st 2017. Be thankful for the highs but be very thankful for the lows. Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger 🙂

Now that that’s off my chest lol (And I feel like I needed to type that for my own sake as well) I am so excited for this next chapter of my life and music. I have set up new goals I would love to accomplish, new venues I’d love to play, more people I would love to work with and around. A lot of inspirational people and events are happening around me and I’m happy to be learning and growing. This means brand new music and a brand new EP! I can’t wait for you guys to hear what I’ve been working on… I’m finally zoning in on who Mandy is and what direction I want to go for music. I am also allowing space for myself to grow and not be afraid to take crazy chances (almost as crazy as dying my hair pink this time last year lol)

December was a chill month although having Nashville lean on the side of ghost town  always makes me anxious to start working again. Time to reboot, recharge and revamp 😉

Christmas Goose
The Goose in front of our tree

I would love your feedback either via email or on my Facebook page as to what you’d like to see in future blog posts and such. Videos, life stories, music adventures, recipes .. you name it!

Also James and I put our Christmas money together and bought a professional camera to start on a photography journey and also have higher quality of videos so keep an eye out for that adventure! If you have any tips and tidbits on the photography world please send them my way 🙂

Keep posted on Mandy Mondays!

Love y’all

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Where has the time gone!?

November was here and gone in the blink of an eye! So many memories made, new friendships have blossomed and I am feeling more bright eyed and bushy tailed than I ever have about the direction of my music 🙂

I waited a little longer to write this blog post because I wanted to be able to recap my trip to Alberta and tell you all about the amazing showcase at Moonshiners on Dec 2nd!

First things … It was a packed house with a Sold Out crowd! This just melts my heart, all the hometown support has been amazing these past few years and you guys just proved it again last Saturday. Thank you to everyone who came out!!

Thank you to my amazing band: Tyson Goodvin, Cody Yost, and as a last minute switch up we had Chad Melchart on the drums … a 4 time Canadian Country Music Award Drummer of the Year! It was such an honour to play with these phenomenal musicians and I am so looking forward to next year’s gigs.

Thank you to my voice coach Laura Kaiser for helping with scanning tickets at the door and being so much more to me as a best friend and support system 🙂

Thank you to my two cousins Jeff and Alex for being the best bodyguards a girl could ask for.. No joke these boys promised me when we were little that they would be my bodyguards for life and they quite appropriately have grown in to 6’3″ young men so they fit the bill just right haha

Thank you Lynn Tessari for helping me write “Chasing the Ace” … Such great things to come out of this tune! I can feel it already 😉

Thank you Lindsay Lawler for taking me under your wing and mentoring me in this crazy career! You have brightened up this past year for me and made me a better performer and singer which I definitely brought to the stage at Moonshiners that night!

Big Thank You to one of my best friends and support systems down in Nashville Mr Tim Reynolds who put together the show on Eventbrite, managed my social media marketing, and all around has kept me on the straight and narrow for the past few years lol

Mom, Dad, Angeleena & Karli, Mike, Carmen and Scoot.. Thank you for your never ending love and support! Thank you for dancing all night and showing everyone a fab time!

Thank you to my boyfriend James for being an amazing support system and helping me stay focused and sane these past few months while we planned and prepared for the show haha thank you for being amazing and taking time out of your busy schedule to fly up to Canada with me and be by my side all through the ride! We also got to take in a little snowboarding while back home in Alberta and I’m pleased to say that James kept up quite well 😉 haha

James and I snowboarding

November was also filled with adventure which came in a form of attending the CMA’s at Bridgestone arena on Nov 8th. What an amazing show to see behind the scenes and watch the performers up close and personal!

CMA Awards 2017

Really looking forward to what December has in store and taking in our new apartment just mins away from downtown Nashville! Loving it so far and so thankful we found a place so close! Just putting a little Feng Shui in the apartment as we decorate – so that’s always fun!

I hope everyone has an amazing start to your holiday season and we’ll see you in a few weeks with the December blog!

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I really had a fabulous October

This month has been quite the adventure! Checked off some new places on the map, made some new friends and tried out some new recipes.

First things first. I am so excited to have announced this past month that I am teaming up with Moonshiners in Stony Plain to play a showcase on Dec 2nd! Full band with Kyle Kolbyka, Tyson Goodvin and hometown Stony boy Cody Yost. Tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/mandy-mcmillan-at-moonshiners-in-stony-plain-tickets-39208088448

Had a great time driving up to Michigan with my boyfriend James. He's from Sault Set Marie … pretty much Canada! We could actually see Canada from across the river but someone forgot her passport in Nashville and couldn't get into her own country haha It was such a beautiful trip up as the leaves were just changing so it made for some beautiful scenery. On our way up to Michigan we were able to drive through Goshen Indiana and stop off to see one of my best friends Lisa.

Almost made it to Canada

I had an idea pop into my mind a few weeks ago thats based around Woman Crush Wednesday. I have so many amazing girlfriends around me who support each other and are reaching some amazing goals so I wanted to introduce them to you guys!

Lisa was my first WCW on October 18th. Lisa started up an amazing little artisan store front on her property called The Mustard Seed Marketplace. She supports causes locally in the US and all around the globe with causes helping women get out of sex trafficking, supporting the less fortunate be able to raise money for sewing machines and many other beautiful causes. I highly suggest you take a peek at her online store to see if something jumps out at you to buy for Christmas all while supporting something truly beautiful


Instagram: @themustardseedmarketplace

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themustardseedmarketplace/

Mandy and Lisa

My second WCW was with my beautiful friend Rebekah Rhinehart. She started a movement with her friend Sarah Gail (the talented painter) called The Kind Way. Their mission is to spread love and hope by painting murals in cities around the globe with the caption "Kindness is.. _______". Each mural is dedicated to a special person who has touched their lives and been a positive influence to the people around them. So far they have a mural in Nashville located in Germantown right beside Henrietta Red and plans to launch in Chicago & Minnesota. If you would love to see a Kind mural painted in your city make sure to reach out to them at http://www.thekindwayoflife.com/

Instagram: @thekindway

The Kind Way Mural

Been playing at my favourite gig spots here in Nashville - Margaritaville, Cafe Lula at the Ryman and Whiskey Bent with the Steven West Band. Also added in a lounge in Louisville called 8UP. If you're in these hot cities make sure to check out my show schedule on my website https://mandymcmillan.com/shows/

I have a great love for cooking these days and (Fun Fact) I one day would love to release a cook book! I made an amazing fall soup a few weeks ago and I want to share the recipe with you.

Fallin For You Soup

If you happen to make it make sure to post a picture and tag me in it! Here's the recipe..

Fallin For You Soup

  1. Heat up coconut oil in saucepan on medium low heat
  2. Add in sliced button mushrooms, slivered carrots and sliced purple cabbage
  3. Saute until almost soft (I like to keep my veggies a little on the crunchy side)
  4. Add in sprinkle of sea salt, pepper, turmeric and smoked paprika for flavour
  5. Pour in 2 cartons of low sodium veggie broth
  6. Bring up to light simmer
  7. *Optional - I added in 1 cup of cooked lentils
  8. Add in 1 cup frozen edamame
  9. Bring up to a simmer again
  10. Pour in approx 1/2 cup of water and add in 1 cup of uncooked quinoa
  11. Bring up to a low simmer and soup is ready!

Feel free to add or take out anything to make it your own!

I finally got to be Stevie Nicks for Halloween!! And James was a great sport about dressing up as Lindsey Buckingham as well 😉

Mandy as Stevie Nicks

Cant wait to keep you posted on my November adventures! If you know of anyone who would like to be on my email list make sure to send them to my website to sign up! https://mandymcmillan.com/e-mail-list/

What a month!

What a month!! September was incredible and I am so thankful for the many blessings that have happened, new friendships that have blossomed and growth in both my personal life and music. On the personal end, my best friend had her first baby Aug 30th and I was able to fly back to Canada to surprise her just in time! Its been such an amazing journey so far to be an “aunty” and see my beautiful friend hold her little baby boy 🙂

While I was back home in Alberta I was able to meet up with my friend Ali Matheson and we set out to take some urban photos around downtown Edmonton. If anyone in the Edmonton area is looking for a fabulous photographer make sure to check out her site www.blondyphotography.com

Mandy McMillan

Photo - Blondy Photography
Bracelets - Fringe and Feather 
- Mala and Me Be Free Project 
Hair by Justine - Black Fox Studio

I had the great opportunity to perform at the Katavallo Entertainment Group Showcase during CCMA  week in Saskatoon Sask. A big shout out to my buddy Cody Yost from Stony Plain for making the road trip with me and doing a fab job backing me up on guitar!

I’ve also been working hard on designing new merch which includes wrap bracelets with the signature “heart mandy” charm. Keep an eye out for those which will be available on my website 🙂Mandy Charm Bracelets

Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep posted about giveaways and contests coming up

Again thank you so much for all the love and support

Really looking forward to see what the next few months have in store!

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Where has the summer gone?

It has been a blast performing this month and taking in some pretty special moments in Nashville even with a crazy busy schedule! From Nashville Sounds Baseball game to the GooGoo Dolls concert, Arrington Vineyards … lots of inspiration to write about for the next album 😉 wink wink nudge nudge

I kind of like to play this game of "Where in the world is Mandy McMillan" and I am currently sitting on my parents back patio soaking up the Alberta sunshine! Lucy is here with me:

Lucy Goose
Lucy on my parent's back patio soaking up rays

And also getting ready for the "Somewhere in Alberta" Showcase during CCMAs next week in Saskatoon Canada. So excited that I was chosen as a showcase artist and can't wait to play "Nothing To Do" plus a few more new tunes. If you don't already make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated with whats going on!  Here is more info - be sure to watch the video Somewhere in Alberta Showcase

I have to give out a special shoutout to my good friend TIm Reynolds for helping me put together my website and keeping it fresh with information for y'all! This has been an exciting journey and it can be crazy to keep up with everything so having the extra support means the world 🙂

I hope everyone has had a memorable summer and if you have any pictures or videos of you listening to Nothing To Do make sure to post them and tag me so I can see what y'all have been up to

Much Love


My Whirlwind Summer . . .

Summer is a flying by and I hope that everyone is enjoying themselves to the fullest! I’m so thankful for everyones support of my Summer Single “Nothing To Do” and it has been a ton of fun promoting it over the past few months. We’ve added a little cherry on top of the summer tune and recently got “Nothing To Do” Koozies made which will be available to purchase ASAP so keep an eye out for that! You can always get one by coming out to one of my gigs this month.

Lake Louise
Lake Louise in Banff Alberta

Speaking of gigs… I had a blast in Canada a few weeks ago with my good buddy Andrew Beason while we toured around and played a few gigs including my first time playing in Calgary Alberta! It was so great to see everyone and making some new fans across the great province of Alberta 🙂 Of course I had to show off those great Canadian Rocky Mountains to Andrew (who is a good ol Texas boy) and we spent a few hours travelling through Banff – If you haven’t been you have to put this little gem on your bucket list.. Absolutely beautiful! We also had a super successful songwriting workshop on July 24th with some amazingly talented friends in Stony Plain.

Songwriting Students
Our Songwriting students

Thank you to my dearest friend Laura Kaiser for helping us put it on!

As soon as I got back to Nashville it was on the road to Newark Ohio for the first time to play some gigs with my buddy Tim Paul! Had a fab time and made some new friends and fans. Cannot wait to be back and take in another Final Friday Farmers Market … seriously the cutest thing ever!

Now its full steam ahead with gigs and writing which has been so much fun and preparing for the new EP which I’m so excited for!

Thank you guys so much for keeping posted on my musical journey and I’m so happy to be bringing y’all along 😉