Europe Blog Round Two

I hope everyone is having an amazing Holiday Season so far!! I cant believe its already December especially because I’ve accidentally kept you waiting to hear about the last part of my trip to Germany … which is about to get stripped down, uncovered, raw haha First you need to hear about Oktoberfest then I’ll go in to the Naked truth 😉

Last blog we left off from the Shania Twain concert … AMAZING! But the next few days were epically life changing.

When I first picked out my travel days I had no idea that I would be in Munich for Oktoberfest and let me tell ya I screamed a little when I found out! I had been to an Oktoberfest event put on in Nashville the year before and its so crazy because I actually said out loud that I would be at Oktoberfest in Germany the next year. Manifestation at its finest people!

Saturday morning we woke up and went for a 7 mile run to the Nyphemburg Palace which was beautiful! We ran back to the house and got to try on some beautiful Drindls that Angeleena’s friends Erica and Dwan let us borrow. Absolutely beautiful to wear traditional drindls and not the fake kind you get in the gift stores over there J

Ryan, Angeleena, Karli and I headed off to the Oktoberfest grounds and oh my goodness was it ever crazy! We’re talking thousands of people walking around a fair with large steins of beer and riding the Ferris Wheel. We made our way to one of the beer gardens and by a struck of luck got pulled from the back of the line by a waitress that just happened to have a table needing to be filled. We had an amazing time singing, dancing, laughing, drinking beer and making friends with some local German men who were taking a break from their teaching jobs to hang with the boys. Thankfully I was lucky enough to find a vegetarian and vegan menu for food as well … Germany did not disappoint with that! Ryan had to leave early due to having to play hockey early the next day so us girls had a blast for the rest of our night then walked our tipsy selves back to the apartment.

The Whole Family

The next day was a bit foggy but we relived our Oktoberfest memories, got bundled up and headed out to cheer on out RyRy at his hockey game. Where he scored his first goal of the season! So amazing to witness. Us girls had planned to have a much needed relaxing night to recoup from the night before but with Ryan scoring his goal he was fired up and somehow convinced us girls that we should go out and celebrate with the hockey team at the last night of Oktoberfest.

Ryan Button
RyRy signing a fan (literally)

I can tell you that it didn’t take a lot of arm twisting because it was a freakin blast. So we got dressed up and headed out to meet up with Ryan’s hockey team and their wives. I’m so glad we went again and had a chance to really get to know all of Angeleena and Ryan’s hockey family, most of them are Canadian so we had a hoot partying with them! After a few beer steins we all decided it would be great to ride some of the German fair rides (which I can let you know are not like your typical western world safety first fair rides) haha One of the favorites is where you have to step onto a moving belt to get up to the top where you ride a potato sack down the slide. So many laughs and good times as people who have been drinking attempt to get their balance and not wipe out too hard. We made it up with only a few minor bumps and bruises lol

More Oktoberfest fun!

After that we all headed out to a super fun bar called Bussi Bussi where we danced and created so many amazing memories.

The next day and our official last day for adventures is where this entire blog post has been leading up to… Nudity! Now there were bare bums and full frontals earlier on in the trip that came from walks in the parks where it’s up to one’s disclosure to wear clothes or not but now this is our own story. Angeleena had decided that after two weeks of fun we should spend a day relaxing and rejuvenating at a spa … Therme Erding Nude spa. Such an interesting concept for three Canadian girls raised on the western views where you cover up and are fined for flashing a body part. Well if you haven’t been to Europe you need to know that they fully encourage being in the raw. Up for the new adventure we headed to the spa. A beautiful building that at first glance feels like you’re walking into a waterpark and then you see signs where no clothing is permitted. Of course everyone is over the age of 18 and it’s very classy. It took us girls a little bit of time to warm up to the idea and on the count of three it was time to drop the towels and head into the first sauna. After you have a pep talk with yourself to be calm it honestly is the most freeing experience ever and I had a huge AHA moment that day. We are all made in the eyes of our creator be that God, The Universe, The Divine. There is no such thing as perfect and when we get down to the bare of it all we’re all beautiful and should accept each other as we are. We hit up special sauna events where we rubbed coconut cream and flower pedals on ourselves for moisture as the sauna expert put water on the hot plates to create steam, we experienced the Russian sauna where there was music, eucalyptus petals, temperatures into the high 100s and ice water being tossed around. We grabbed a salad for lunch, swam up to a swim up bar, ordered a drink and floated around the pool all while talking about how grateful us girls are to have been able to create some amazing memories. I honestly cannot wait to go back to Germany just to experience the freedom at the nude spa and I highly suggest everyone try it as well J

The next morning we woke up and packed our bags. Drove Karli to the airport, Angeleena and I went out for (another) amazing vegan lunch and then it was off to the airport for me.

I am so thankful for the experience to go to Germany and fully live in my “Chasin’ the Ace” ways. This past year has been quite the ride and I encourage everyone to push boundaries, travel, learn, love and grow!

What Ace are you Chasin’?

Love yall!

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Chasin’ The Ace European Edition Part 1

October was crazy so I decided to break it up into a few portions for this month. First Blog is Europe style– recapping Beer, karaoke, hockey games, mein swesters and nudity.. read below for all the deats 😉

* I started typing out this blog post on Oct 9th while I was in the airport so I am keeping it in that tense for your viewing pleasure J Hope you like!

I’m currently sitting in the Munich airport awaiting my flight back to the US. Its bitter sweet. Angeleena and I already made the trip to the airport this morning to drop off baby sister Karli for her flight back to Canada. Cue the tears, lots of hugs and reminiscing all our fab memories of the past two weeks. This trip has been life changing to say the least. And I knew it would be. It was the first time both Karli and I had stepped foot on European soil and the first time us three girls took a trip together. And we got to spend lots of quality time getting to really know our fabulous brother in law Ryan. Ryan is a hockey player currently signed with the Munich Red Bulls here in Germany. He’s played hockey his whole life which means that for the 5 years him and Angeleena have been together he’s been travelling all over the States and Germany playing the sport he loves. With me living in Nashville it,s been tricky to spend quality time to get to know him. Although really I knew he was the one for our Angeleena when he challenged me to an Air Guitar Off at a family wedding a few years back sooooo he’s my RyRy.

Me and Angeleena

There are so many amazing memories from this trip and I’m going to do my best to describe them here –

Landed in Germany on Sept 27th and to many peoples surprise I didn’t have an ounce of jet lag (I chalk it up to really telling my mind that I was going to be just fine lol). We toured around downtown and I got to double on Ryans scooter – real European style! That weekend was just Angeleena and I and we ventured out just a little bit. Got to meet up with my beautiful friend Lauren Webber from Calgary Alberta who recently got relocated to Munich for her job. We met up at the Viktualien Market and I got to taste my first German beer, a lemon flavored Radler which became a staple during my trip. We got to take in Ryans hockey game and it was super exciting to watch him play surrounded by screaming German fans who loveeeee their sports. Saturday Angeleena and I took a trip to Austria to visit the beautiful city Salzburg. Our first stop was for Vegan food and low and behold we walk into GustaV to see that the menu was a large playing card with the Ace of Hearts on it!

Mandy and Ace
Chasin’ The Ace

Definitely the right spot to be. After an amazing lunch we headed out to hike up a mountain to a castle and get a great view of the beautiful city. Found a pub that sold Radler and hiked the rest of the way down.

Sunday we picked Karli up from the airport and took a beautiful walk through Olympia Park where Ryans team plays hockey and where the 1976 Olympics were held. One of the only Olympic grounds that are still used to this day! We got to take in Ryans hockey team and cheered them into a win which then lead us to rally up Karli and head out with Angeleena’s girlfriends to sing Karaoke at an Irish pub Killians. I didn’t bring my guitar with me so this was much needed to last me through the two weeks!

Sisters Reunited

Monday morning we woke up a little foggy (Beer Steins will do that to ya) and us three girls headed off to Sirmione Italy and Lake Garda for a small get away. We found a beautiful little restaurant in the town and had a fab dinner filled with olives, bread and balsamic vinaigrette and wine… all the wine. Tuesday morning we woke up for a beautiful run along the lake and then hit up lunch in the Olds Town square. Angeleena introduced us to an Aperol spritzer which was amazing! Wednesday we woke up and headed back to Munich with a slight detour to hike up to a beautiful view of

Neuschwanstein Castle

 – which is what the Disney Castle is designed after. Simply Beautiful!

Castle in Munich

We headed back to Munich and on Thursday had a fabulous lunch at a well known Vegan Restaurant called Gratitude. I was so amazed by all the vegan options on my trip and Gratitude definitely did not disappoint! Friday was an amazing day and experience as my sister Angeleena surprised us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch Shania at Olympia park. Such a phenomenal night to witness as us girls grew up listening to her albums on repeat and would dress up to put on “concerts” for our family. She was definitely a huge influence on my music career!


I’m breaking this into two pieces because we still have to talk about more hockey, Oktoberfest and nudity … all the nudity so don’t miss out 😉Mandy Signature

September Makes Me Want to Sing!

 Saying the word September always makes me want to sing. I think its because “September” is in so many classic songs … “September saw a month of tears ..” – Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift “Wake me up when September ends” – Green Day and the classic “Strawberry Wine” by Deanna CarterI still remember when thirty was old. My biggest fear was September when he had to go”. And now just typing this out I realize how sad the references to September were but this past month has been amazing which I’m about to explain below.

Sept started out with an amazing trip up to Hamilton Ontario for CCMA week (Canadian Country Music Association and Awards). Headed up North with my friend miss Ajaye Jardine – in a 2019 Ford Mustang Convertible that Enterprise so generously upgraded us to! Our first stop was in Newark Ohio to play Barrel & Boar with our amazing friend Timothy Paul. Honestly never a dull moment playing there and we absolutely love all the new friends we’ve made up there.

Ajaye Jardine - Mandy McMillan
Ajaye and I

The next day we drove the rest of the way to Hamilton and the CCMA adventures began! I played three showcases over the week and met so many amazingly talented people who I now considered fab friends. It was so great to see familiar faces and create awesome memories with new peeps – Already counting down the time until next year!

It was amazing playing the three showcases because they were all different and special. The Thurs night showcase for the Alberta Country Music Association kicked everything off and it was great to see all my friends that I had spent time with in Red Deer Alberta for the awards back in January. Friday night I was honored to be a part of the Diamonds in the Rough showcase and be able to hear the amazing talent spread far and wide across Canada.

Mandy McMillan - Diamonds in the Rough
Diamonds in the Rough Showcase

I also took part in the Diamonds in the rough songwriters round where I showcased more of my songwriting side with tunes that I had written for other projects.

Mandy McMillan - Selfie
Selfie before the Awards gala
Mandy McMillan - Gala Awards night
Gala Awards Night!

Of course every showcase included “Chasin the Ace” which was my theme for the whole trip! (More about CTA below!)

Heading back to Nashville I had so much of a clearer vision of my music career and goals that I am now setting along the way to launch it past my wildest dreams! I played shows in Nashville at Ole Red, Margaritaville and the Cambria Hotel True Venue. Had some phenomenal writes and demoed a few new tunes. I also built a team around me to help launch and release CHASIN’ THE ACE ….

Mark your calendars! The moment we’ve all been patiently waiting for … OCTOBER 19TH 2018 “Chasin’ The Ace” will officially be released across all platforms!

I am so so so excited about this tune because I not only co-wrote it with my amazing friend Lynn Tessari but I also had the pleasure of Co-Producing it with my phenomenal producer Simon Gugala who produced my first album. You guys are going to be floored by the production here and we’ve had so many amazing compliments across the board on it already! Also… CTA made it into the top ten songwriting competition in Nashville and was reviewed by a major songwriter through Ole Publishing .. Not a bad start to this little tunes big future success 😉

Mandy McMillan - Ole after party
At the Ole After Party

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Thank you for following along and keeping up with my shenanigans!

Love ya

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August Adventures and more!


I hope everyone is having a fabulous end to summer. So weird to say being that as it seems like just yesterday we were breaking out the bathing suits and soaking up the sun. Honestly tho… Fall is my favorite time of the year! It’s cooling off a little which means not so much humidity down here in Tennessee, we can drink our hot lattes and we get to finally wear our cute little denim jackets that we stored away. In Canada my family is dusting off the old snow shovels and preparing for the first sign of a snowflake … lol I’m kidding kidding.

August was a great month! A lot is going on and life is busy busy as always but I was able to sneak away to Alberta for a few weeks to relax and take some much needed time with my family which also included a family reunion that we hold every year called “Fram Jam”. James joined me for the last week of my stay and we got to visit with so many friends and family. Plus make a trip to Canmore Alberta for him to see the Rocky Mountains for the first time.

Mandy & James
James and I in the Rocky Mountains, Canmore Alberta

It was a little smoky due to the fires happening in British Columbia right now. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the fires right now on the west coast including California <3

I was also able to put on a very successful and rewarding Songwriting and Performing Workshop with my voice coach Laura Kaiser. It was so great to help up and coming songwriter and performers have a clearer vision to their dreams. And I love putting together the workshops because I learn so much about myself in the process.

Miss Ajaye Jardine and I are headed up for another fun adventure at the CCMA Week in Hamilton Ontario. On our way up we are stopping in to our fav Newark OH spot Barrel and Boar to sing some tunes and hang out with our friend Timothy Paul Sept 5th 7pm-10. Make sure to swing on by to celebrate with us and wish us luck!

Keep an eye out for my shows coming up in Sept at Ole Red, The Lookout (Ole Red Rooftop), Margaritaville and a Tuesday night slot at the Cambria Hotel “True” Venue

Mandy McMillan Ole Red
Playing at Ole Red (photo credit: Jeff Warfle)

I hope you guys have an amazing day and make sure to check out my new YouTube Cover Videos that will be out mid September

Mandy McMillan - Tim Pasley
Tim and I getting ready to record some cover videos

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July was Funnnnnn!

July was one amazing month! A lot of travel, new friends, new venues and a whole lot of new memories.

The month started out with my shows at Margaritaville back to back to back and then up to Minnesota with my buddy Zack Dyer for a few days to play a beautiful wedding for our friends Brian and Prentice. Zack and I were asked to sing the first three dances which was such an amazing opportunity. We also got to hang out with our good friend HISH who was the DJ that night. I have always loved playing weddings and being a part of such a special day. Plus I love to see how different people decorate, what special moments they have planned and of course DJ or band? I have been named the “Ultimate Wedding Crasher” a time or two ;

Wedding Singers
Zack, Me, and DJ HISH

Straight from Minnesota, I flew right into Calgary Alberta on July 8th to play a private party which kick started our Calgary Stampede weekend! Sunday Aug 8th my band and I played our very first showcase at the Stampede on the Coca Cola Stage. Such a highlight and it was so fun to see fans from all over Alberta who came out to support!

Calgary Stampede
Kury Billey, Me, Tyson Goodwin and Cody Yost

Back to Nashville after the Stampede and I headed out to Knoxville Tn to play a private party for some friends that we have made through shows in Nashville. Their place is right on the lake and we were able to enjoy a night of music, boating and some fireworks. Ended up being a slight “staycation” for James and I.

The last week of July James, Lucy and I drove up to Michigan to spend some time with his family. It was a great time with us staying at the lake, enjoying a few corn hole tournaments, going for longboard and bike rides and just genuinely enjoying life!

Family Picture 2018
James, Lucy and Me in Michigan

On our way back down to Nashville we stopped in Louisville KY for me to play a show at the Bourbon Hall downtown Louisville. We had an amazing time and it was fun to learn that Miss Shania Twain played this location back in the 90’s when she was on tour with Toby Keith!

All in all July was a fun filled month and August has already been on the go! Currently up in Alberta where I hosted an Inspirational Songwriting and Performing Workshop with my Voice Coach Laura Kaiser. It was such a success and we had so many enquire who couldn’t be there last night so we’re opening up our schedules to host another workshop next Wed Aug 22nd in Stony Plain. If you or anybody you know may be interested in this event make sure to reach out to either Laura or myself to book your spot!

Mandy McMillan Mountains
Trip to Jasper – Rocky Mountains. Photo by @BlondyPhotography

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Have a Fabulous Day!Mandy Signature

It was a whirlwind Spring!

I genuinely hope that everyone is having a great 2018! This is the year where a lot of hard work and determination starts to really pay off and let me tell ya… it’s a paying off!

The reason why I am just getting the Blog posts for the past few months out now is because I have had opportunities popping up all around me! Amazing places to travel to such as – New Orleans to play a private party with my friend Lindsay Lawler, Cabo San Lucas for my sisters wedding, my hometown of Stony Plain to play a few Sold Out shows which included playing a writers round with Nashville Number One songwriter Phillip White! Playing quite a few shows in Louisville Kentucky at Bearno’s Pizza and also adding Country Clubs and University Golf courses to my venue list

Lindsay Lawler Mandy McMillan
Lindsay and I on our way to New Orleans
James and I at my sister’s wedding in Mexico
Phillip White Mandy McMillan Mark Times
Maek Times. Phillip White, and me!

I also had an amazing time this last week of June travelling up North to tour and play shows with my friend miss Ajaye Jardine! We were busy little bees with back to back shows for 7 days in a row which included Newark Ohio (with our friend Timothy Paul), Keene New Hampshire, Springfield Vermont, Richmond Maryland, Chestertown Maryland and to cap it all off we hit up Tin Roof in Louisville on our way back down to Nashville. No rest for the wicked haha

Mandy McMillan and Ajaye Jardin
Me and my Canadian girl Ajaye Jardine

It’s been an amazing few months and again all that self love has been the main reason on keeping me focused! A little yoga, meditation and journaling in the morning really makes a difference on setting the intentions and pace for the rest of the day.

I am also so excited to now have the mastered copy of Chasin’ the Ace in my hands! I have been working with my publicist on the exact way to launch my new single and we are aiming for a release date at the end of August so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

Also getting super excited that Zack Dyer and I will be heading up to Minneapolis the first week of July to sing at our friends Brian and Prentice’s wedding. I am the ultimate wedding crasher and love taking in all the decorations, music and all the little details J

Right from Minneapolis I will be travelling to Calgary Alberta to showcase at the Calgary Stampede on Sunday July 8th! Such an honor to be playing the Coca Cola stage. If you’re in the area make sure to stop by as we hit the stage at 1:30pm –

Thank you guys again so much for following along! You can also keep posted on all my updates via Facebook and Instagram at @MandyMcMillanMusic

Keep enjoying the summer sun (with sunscreen lol)


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Hello New Year!

I hope everyone is fabulous and enjoying the fresh beginning of 2018!

My year has already started off in the fast lane as I have been
playing new writers rounds, lots of shows in Tennessee and
Kentucky, my parents visiting Nashville and had the honor of
attending the Alberta Country Music Awards in Red Deer Canada while also squeezing in a quick trip to the beautiful Mountains in Banff.

I am so grateful for all these opportunities and what being in the fast lane has taught me is learning how to slow down and pull over to the slow lane now and then to give myself some self love and peace in order to be able to fully give to my creative side and music. I’m telling ya, catching on to this new balance is only going to mean great things for this year!

My parents visited Nashville for a week in January and it was so awesome for them to see the new apartment and add a little decor here and there. No matter how old you get, mama will always add a homey touch.  We took them to Pinewood Social here in Nashville for dinner which was a great experience! If you haven’t been yet make sure to add it on to your to do list for your next trip… They’ve got a beautiful bar in the middle of the room where they make specialty cocktails, a barista style coffee shop in one of the corners, bocce ball in the back yard, a pool and indoor bowling lanes. It just equals a great time!

I was in Alberta for less than 24hrs when I jumped on stage at
Shotz Lounge in Spruce Grove on Jan 26th for an all ages SOLD OUT show with my fab guitar player Cody Yost! Thank you to everyone who made it out. It was so great to see the kiddos singing and dancing along!

Cody and I at the show

Now the ACMAs were AWESOME! It was my first trip up for the awards weekend and I am so thankful I went. Met a lot of amazing talent up in that neck of the woods and made lasting friendships. I also had the honor of getting to jump up on stage with my friend Lynn Tessari to sing our song “Chasing the Ace” during the songwriting showcase.

Lynn and I at the ACMAs

The next day I got dressed up in my brand new black pant suit, strapped on my sparkly pumps and had a blast at the awards gala.

After networking and hanging out with everyone in Red Deer it
was off on to another #adventuresofmemily roadtrip to Calgary where I got to take in an awesome class at my besties new fitness studio Crush Camp.

Mandy and Emily
Emily and I after Crush Camp session

I am so proud of Emily and all the hard work she put in to her dream facility! I encourage everyone in the Calgary area to stop by and try out her state of the art workout. I felt so recharged after the hour!

We also decided to take a quick trip out to the beautiful Lake
Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We skated on the frozen lake, had a hot coffee and admired the beautiful mountains

Snow Bunnies!

(they were a little clouded over at Lake Louise but beautiful when we drove through Canmore so I’ll attach some of those photos as well)

I’m really looking forward to February and keeping you guys
posted on all these adventures as they unfold
Keep smiling!

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